Let me tell you about my strengths.

Through my coursework and work experience, I have learned and developed important skills that are fundamental to public relations functions.


Through my coursework, I have developed an understanding of public relations concepts and functions. I understand the importance of maintaining positive relationships with your publics while considering audience perceptions of your brand or client.

Working as a marketing assistant for Auburn Campus Recreation, I have learned several valuable marketing skills that apply to public relations functions. I understand how to create and execute successful campaigns through promotion and evaluation.

Through my work as a social media manager for Auburn Campus Recreation, as well as through my coursework for Social Media and Public Relations, I have gained an understanding of best social media practices. I understand the importance of search engine optimization and understanding your audience to craft your message to your selected outlet.

As a creative blogger for Be Well Auburn and through my various journalism courses, I have learned proper writing techniques and have become proficient in AP Style. I enjoy the creative process of writing and the power of words to portray an idea.

In my experience with Auburn Campus Recreation, I have been trusted with several leadership roles in which I have built effective management skills. I have served as the lead manager for our Twitter account and the lead promoter for our "blogazine," Be Well. Through this, I have learned how to manage both time and people. As a team leader, I manage a team and often delegate tasks and oversee their progress.