Hi, I'm Caleb Carden.

I was born and raised in Hueytown, Alabama. I’m your typical small-town boy with big-city dreams. I have a gypsy soul. I long to explore this beautiful world and I crave adventure “in the great wide somewhere.” I’m an extrovert by nature and am naturally drawn to people with a positive energy. I believe in the importance of family, but I also believe that “family” can be anyone who loves you unconditionally. I believe that showing love and kindness to all people is the most important thing one can do.

Since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with two things: music and Disney. Music taught me how to express myself. I find beauty in being able to lose myself in a song. Disney taught me to fearlessly pursue my dreams and to believe that magic truly does exist.

I pride myself in being a pop culture junkie. In my spare time, you can find me watching Disney movies or Food Network. I enjoy live-tweeting awards shows and reading music blogs. I drink far too much coffee, preferably iced. I’m a nurturer. I feel compelled to show grace and love to everyone I come in contact with, leaving them better than I found them. I got that from my mother.

I’m happiest when I am surrounded by people that I love. I value the art of conversation and the gift of time spent together. These two traits are part of why I chose to study public relations. I embrace change and I love the thrill of experiencing something brand new. I am hopeful for my future and the opportunities that may come as I leave Auburn and begin my next adventure.

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Caleb Carden


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